You will have three minutes to read the passage to yourself silently. After you have finished
reading to yourself, you will read the entire passage out loud to the instructor.


Hey Mike,

I hope you've been enjoying Los Angeles. It's still cold up in New York. There are an incredible number of interesting people here, but I'm not sure I can put up with the weather for much longer.

The big game is on everyone's minds lately. Hardly anyone can wait for this April to see if we take back the championship from Seattle. Tickets are going on sale soon, but a hundred and eighty dollars for one ticket is a lot to put down for one game. But if my friends are going I might have to make the investment.

It looks like I'm gonna have a couple weeks off this month, so how about I take a trip down there and see how Hollywood is? If you would have me, it would be so wonderful to see you!