Short 'a' /æ/ words with 'flap t':
batter —> 'ba-der' /ˈbætɚ/

I need to make the batter for the bread I'm baking.

matter —> 'ma-der' /ˈbætɚ/

It doesn't matter if you come to the party or not. I'm ok either way.

Short 'e' /ɛ/ words with 'flap t':
letter —> 'leh-der' /ˈlɛdɚ/

I got a letter in the mail.

better —> 'beh-der' /ˈbɛdɚ/

Are you feeling better?

metal —> 'meh-dl' /ˈmɛdl̟/

Gold and silver are types of metal.

Short 'i' /ɪ/ words with 'flap t':
city —> 'sih-dee' /ˈsɪdi/

Have you been to New York City?

pretty —> 'prih-dee' /ˈprɪdi/

This flower is so pretty.

*Note: That's right, pretty, is actually pronounced with a short 'i' sound!

sitter —> 'sih-der' /ˈsɪdɚ/

We need to get a baby sitter for next Saturday.

little —> 'lih-dl' /ˈlɪdl̟/

The kitten is so little.

Short 'o' /ɑː/ words with the 'flap t':
hotter —> 'hah-der' /ˈhɑːdɚ/

It's hotter in Miami than in Chicago.

rotting —> 'rah-ding' /ˈrɑːdɪŋ/

The banana was rotting in the sun for three days.

potter —> 'pah-der' /ˈpɑːdɚ/

My niece loves reading Harry Potter.

Short 'u' /ʌ/ words with the 'flap t':
butter —> 'buh-der' /ˈbʌdɚ/

I love putting butter on my bread.

shutter —> 'shu-der' /ˈʃʌdɚ/

I live in the white house with the red shutters.

Long 'a' /eɪ/ words with the 'flap t':
waiter —> 'way-der' /ˈweɪdɚ/

The waiter brought over some water.

later —> 'lay-der' /ˈleɪdɚ/

See you later!

tasted —> 'tays-ded' /ˈteɪsdɛd/

Dinner tasted great.

Long 'e' /iː/ words with the 'flap t':
meter —> 'mee-der' /ˈmiːdɚ/

I put $2 in the parking meter.

theater —> 'thee-(uh)-der' /ˈθijətɚ/

I'll see you at the movie theater.

Long 'i' /aɪ/ words with the 'flap t':
lighter —> 'lie-der' /ˈlaɪdɚ/

I need a lighter for these candles.

biter —> 'bie-der' /'baɪdɚ/

Careful, that dog is a biter.

Long 'o' /oʊ/ words with the 'flap t':
boater —> 'boe-der' /ˈboʊdɚ/

My uncle is an avid boater.

floating —> 'floe-ding' /ˈfloʊdɪŋ/

The raft is floating down the river.

Long 'u' /juː/ words with the 'flap t':
commuting —> 'cu-myoo-ding' /kəˈmjuːdɪŋ/

She's commuting to work every Monday.

muted —> 'myoo-did' /ˈmjuːtəd/

You can't hear the TV because it's muted.

Long 'oo' /uː/ as in "moon" (long u without the 'y' sound) words with the 'flap t':
booted —> 'boo-did' /ˈbuːdəd/

I booted up the computer

Short 'oo' /ʊ/ (as in "book") words with the 'flap t':
putting —> 'puh-ding' /ˈpʊdɪŋ/

I was putting the dishes away when I heard a knock at the door.

'ou/ow' /aʊ/ (as in "cow") words with the 'flap t':
pouting —> 'pow-ding' /ˈpaʊɪŋ/

The kids were pouting because we ran out of cake.

'oi/oy' /oɪ/ (as in "boy") words with the 'flap t':
hoisted —> 'hoys-did' /ˈhoɪsdəd/

The sailors hoisted up the sails.

Schwa /ə/ (as in "the") words with the 'flap t':
sensitive —> 'sen-suh-div' /ˈsɛnsədɪv/

I'm a sensitive person.